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Welfare breeding cages

C299OPMFP cage

Multipurpose rabbit cage: maternity and fattening

Multipurpose welfare cage

Animal welfare and farmer comfort

Its plastic floor is the main feature of this cage: comfortable for the rabbits and simple to clean. This model also has a top that can be wide opened and which gives the breeder an easy access to the bottom of the cage.

Technical specifications

Unit of 12 cages of 38 cm, ¼ hopper
Cage’s height: 60 cm – cage with balcony
Unit’s length: 2,334 m
Pits’ width: 2 m or 1,80 m
Row’s width: 2,08 m or 1,91 m
Automatic feeding with spiral and plastic hoppers
Plastic cage floor and balconies
Panoramic opening

Dessin technique C299OPMFP