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Nearly 50 years of experience and a multitude of contexts have allowed us today to have a unique expertise. The "research and development" activity now represents a strong part of our added value.

  • Design tailor-made livestock equipment

Exit the standard ... If different manufacturers design similar systems, Chabeauti develops its difference by its ability to handle conventional installations but also projects requiring adaptations of the equipment. The company is working on its ingenuity and agility to meet the needs that come out of the box.

  • Imagine the breeding processes of tomorrow

In a changing agricultural world, innovation is at the heart of our concerns to meet changing standards, breeders' expectations, societal aspects and animal welfare. At his level, Chabeauti tries to provide concrete answers to this equation.

Feasibility study

Imagining and evaluating the different options.

Specifications and budget

Defining an action plan, a goal and a coherent estimate.

Technical design

Choosing the right materials and modeling the whole in 3D to make the product real.


Confronting the product with its environment and validate its ability to perform well in a breeding process.

Functional validation

Equipment stressing and various tests.

Nomenclature and manufacturing

Drawing and technical specifications for the production and final completion of the project.