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Traditional breeding cages

" LUNA " cage

Multipurpose rabbit cage: maternity and fattening

LUNA multipurpose cage for traditional breeding

Convenient and adjustable

Luna is a practical and very easy to use rabbit breeding cage. Thanks to the removable nests and dividers, the 12 multipurpose cages are used for maternity as well as for fattening. With many accessories and available options, LUNA meets all your needs.

Technical specifications

Unit of 12 cages of 0.38m, ¼ hopper
Length: 2,334 meters
Pit’s width: 2 m or 1,80 m
Row’s width: 2,08 m or 1,91 m
Automatic feeding system with spiral, plastic hoppers.
Plastic or wire mesh cages’ floor.
Also exists with manual feeding.

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