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Pheasants laying boxes

Single slope unit

Laying units for pheasants

Eggs picking on the covered side

Divided into 2 parks, the unit will accommodate 2 cocks and 16 to 18 pheasant hens. Many options are possible: independent or continuous units, manual or automatic feeding, galvanized or lacquered door. Also available in 1.50 x 1.50 m.

Technical specifications

Manual or automatic feeding
Unit of 2 parks (1 slope)
A park’s dimensions: 2 x 1,50 m
Row’s width: 1,65 m / Unit’s length: 4 m / Height: 1,10 m
Trap door for the cock at the back with perforated back
Sliding door system
A galvanized hopper per park
Drinking system: 2 nipples per park
Also exists as 1,50 x 1,50 m park

Module simple-pente - Faisans